5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

August 17, 2016, 4:46 pm Posted by: Lori Askins Category: Marketing

Advertisements are the key to publicity for business regardless of its stature. However, when it comes to small-scale businesses, the budget is quite restricted, and it requires artistic utilization that optimizes product reach. The target might seem simple, but the planning process for marketing plays a pivotal role in its success.

With the advent of technology, everyone in the current era owns at least one smartphone. Perhaps, it seems the best possible way to reach them. What ways should be adopted to bridge the gap between your company and the potential customers? Take a look at the following five essential mobile marketing tips for your small business:

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Use Check-Ins with Rewards:

It doesn't matter how big your business is until you reward your customers. To get a good market share, you need to show the people that you care for them. Check-Ins with rewards do that for you. Most people use Facebook, Google+ and other applications which allow the user to Check-In into a certain place.

When you encourage people to use this option while they enter your place, it automatically gives a boost to your public reach as more and more people can watch that post and know more about your place. Rewards on Check-Ins ensure more and more people use this option, hence greater the publicity.

Use Facebook Ads:

Quite often we see ‘Sponsored Ads' on Facebook. These ads are paid content, which requires low costs and just forcefully shows up on the news feed. Even if the people don't want the ad, Facebook will show it to them meaning you can be reached to thousands of people using only a small amount. This is the best utilization of money as it costs cheaper than flyers and other ads.

Text your customers regularly:

Taking details of the customer is a regular procedure. Phone numbers are usually entered into the database so put them to good use. Whenever a sale or promotion comes up, notify your customers promptly giving them an edge over all other potential customers. This will ensure that your current market share does not lose its grip. Add rewards to filling mobile surveys and keep sending customers different questionnaires to keep their valuable feedback too.

Use Concise Pages:

This essentially means to create pages that hold interactive content which fits perfectly on a small mobile phone or tablet screen. People use smartphones on the go, and they like to stay away from the hassle of opening their laptops for small things. If your page is interactive, it will engage the people on their small screens who could see all the content you would want them to see.  Smaller pages would consume lesser data and will open promptly as well keeping the users happy.

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Create a mobile App:

All the leading mobile phones run Android, Windows or IOS, which means all of them have application stores. If your budget allows you to create an app on these operating systems, you can quickly provide notifications about your business to your clients. This is the most efficient way of publicizing your product. With the application store, people can access your business swiftly.

These five tips will boost your marketing strategy efficiently. Your costs will remain low and due to superb marketing; your profits will increase. If you want to make your business the next big thing, try all these tips and see the results for yourself.

Have you advertised anywhere on Facebook? Seen positive results? Do you have a mobile App? Has it helped increase your business' reach? Tell us about it.

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