Managing a Millennial Workforce

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We often hear there is a "generation gap" between the parents and their children. Time after time, era after era, this pattern continues. Perhaps, each generation has some specific traits and characteristics which are used to define them causing this gap. The millennial age; people born after 1980, find that the gap pertains to them more than others in the past.

Unlike those before them, millennials are difficult to satisfy. For managers, it's a tough job to keep the millennial batch of workers satisfied as they constantly look out for better jobs. The trait that the millennial workforce is famous for is a lack of commitment. Their lack of commitment comes as a result of their active connections to the world via the internet and social media and that they are always looking for the next best thing. They want to maintain a balance in their lives and to find that balance; they hop from one place to another. This action then begs the question of how to manage these workers? We have compiled a list of solutions as an answer.

Keep them in the loop:

The millennial workforce feels they have the right to know everything that is going on. If you provide them with an organized structure of what needs to be done along with responsibilities assigned to each member of their team, they will stay motivated and will know they are valued. Just telling them about everything is not enough; you need to provide them guidance and separate attention. They seek a good relation with peers and bosses. This will ensure their active participation and commitment to the firm.

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Merge them into teams:

A group of the millennial workforce has all the ingredients required for success. Since their childhoods, they are encouraged to work in groups. When more than one millennial age people combine, they are destined to come up with unique and creative ideas. They will work in harmony as they don't seek glory on their own. Make the most of their abilities by working them in teams.

Listen to their Ideas:

This generation has lived in the era of the internet. They had freedom to speak and were always encouraged by their parents to present their ideas. When you only order them around and not listen to them, they tend to get frustrated which leads to lower job satisfaction. Welcome their ideas with open arms, and you might even end up using their ideas since they tend to be filled with innovation.

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Utilize their Skills:

Unlike previous generations, this age is fluent in the use of technology. Millenials are highly connected via social media.  In the global market, such people are highly sought after for their unique communication skills. By utilizing their skill and connection to social media, your company can grow via networking and word of mouth (via the internet).  In addition, their efficient multi-tasking tendencies can be used to get maximum work from them and their technical knowledge about computers can catalyze many everyday processes.

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Provide a friendly workplace environment:

Millennials desire a healthy working environment. They crave a safe, empowering, and satisfying environment that caters to their social, mental, and physical needs. They relish the type of environment that fosters a sense of belonging and purpose and allows creativity, growth and security. The monotony of tedious activities can kill their motivation levels, so it is important to provide outlets for interaction amongst employees and breaks where they can get fresh air.  Providing a healthy workplace where employees feel recognized and appreciated is just as important as providing a place for them to receive support.

Each age has grown up differently with many contingencies involved. The millennial age is the age of technology. These current lot of workers has increased in the comfort of their homes and require similar conditions in the workplace. They are highly skilled and to absorb their maximum potential; one needs to adopt these techniques to manage them properly.

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