How to Be More Productive at Work

August 1, 2016, 4:37 am Posted by: Lori Askins Category: Marketing

There is only so much time one can spend at the office, so you have to work smart to get the most done without having to increase your hours. Being more productive during work is not hard, it just requires concentration. You need to focus your mind and energy towards the tasks at hand, no matter how much you want to slack off, play games, or simply get sick of it all.

To be more productive, you need to accomplish more in less time. But how do you attain that? We are here to help you become more productive.

Stop Multitasking

As appealing as accomplishing multiple tasks at one-time sounds, it hinders more than it helps. Try as you might, you cannot make a phone call, and type up that report your boss asked for simultaneously. Both tasks will not be properly fulfilled, and it will take more time and energy to do it twice.

Take Breaks

Sitting at a desk and staring at a screen for eight hours is enough to render anyone mentally and physically exhausted. Your mind wanders, and you often feel lethargic, which hinders productivity. Taking five or ten-minute breaks to stretch your limbs and get yourself a drink after a few hours can help you clear your mind and remain focused. GO outside during your lunch break and walk around the office. Many times an idea will pop into your head while taking a stroll.

Put Down the Technology

Office work means notifications. You will constantly receive emails and texts all asking for your attention. As a result, you spend all day running around responding to these messages and end up taking your work home. To avoid that, restrict your use of technology. Set aside a time for responding to emails and memos, so that you can effectively manage other people's issues and finish your tasks.

Scenery Helps

Research had found that when workers were given pictures of objects, scenery or people that makes them happy, their output drastically increased. SO don't be shy, decorate your office with whatever that appeals your eye. It could be a picture of a kitten, a flower pot, or a wildly colorful wall painting; its purpose is to calm your mind. A mind at peace creates a body at peace, which allows lesser stress. Hence, your productivity levels rise.

Think different

Often under the duress of office tasks, workers turn to a pessimistic attitude. The thinking process becomes dismal and often results in the worker giving up. What you need to do is motivate yourself. You need to tell yourself that you have ample time to finish and that you will finish the task if you plan carefully. Positive thinking leads to a positive outcome.

What one needs to do is eliminate the interruptions, and concentrate on the tasks at hand. Focus your energy, and make sure you take appropriate breaks. The more efficiently you can manage your tasks, the happier your boss will be, and the more productive you'll feel.

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